The Other Half of Half-Life

This is a  trailer for a fan-made Half-Life movie titled Beyond Black Mesa. It’s fantastically well-made, although I personally feel it could use a bit more crowbar. It took two years for these nerds to make and $1200 — a lot of time, but not a lot of dough, all things considered. But what I want you to do is this: Watch the above fan-made movie trailer, then watch the trailer for the technically professionally made Bloodrayne 3 movie I posted yesterday. Bloodrayne 3 is a movie with a budget of at least seven figures, a full crew with some kind of experience, probably, and professional filmmakers and editors. And yet, in comparing the two, is there actually a single aspect in which the Beyond Black Mesa trailer isn’t totally superior to Bloodrayne 3? Anything? I don’t think so. And yet people are still giving Uwe Boll millions of dollars to make awful films, while these infinitely more gifted amateur filmmakers had to max out a credit card. It’s immensely depressing. But thanks to Tredlow for the tip.