Final Fantasy IV Finally Feels Complete

Square Enix’s upcoming PSP offering Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection includes both Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, which was previously available on mobile phones in Japan and as a WiiWare episodic title. Earlier today, debuted a first look at the release, and its pretty much exactly what you’d expect if you’ve played these titles individually. (There’s more information on the release, the original trailers for each game and speculation about possible newly created content that would bridge the two games over at The above trailer is entirely in Japanese and hilarious in that it primarily features new-style FF imagery instead of the wonderfully retro graphics of the games that are actually included in the title. There’s no word yet on a domestic release date, not that any of that matters to the three of you out there who actually still care about the franchise and own PSPs. Kidding, kidding! So are any of actually interested in picking this up, or do you feel like you’ve already been there and played that? Sound off in the comments.