Spider-Man Reboot Movie News Trifecta: Good, Bad, Dumb


? Emma Stone was seen this weekend with her hair dyed blonde for the role of Gwen Stacy. I swear she looks like she was drawn by Jack Kirby in this photo. Pretty awesome.

? You know how superhero movies usually suck when they cram more than one villain in there, which Sony clearly demonstrated in Spider-Man 3? Well, turns out in addition to Rhys Ifans as the Lizard, Irrfan Khan has been cast as Nels Van Atter, who works at Oscorp and turns into the Proto-Goblin (at least in the comics). Do Hollywood movie execs also drive into brick walls, over and over again, in hopes that this will be the time the car just slides right through? Jesus.

? And last and certainly least, Peter Parker’s parents have been cast in the film. Yes, his parents will show up for an indeterminate amount of time, even though his parents have almost never shown been mentioned in the comics, and every time they have it’s been a bad idea. I have zero doubt the movie will fuck it up. Peter’s dad will probably create the radioactive spider and save it for Peter to find in a secret lockbox on his 16th birthday or something. (Via /Film)