Nobody Loves Wonder Woman, Part 184 or Something


?Remember that Wonder Woman TV show I told you that was being developed a while a go? The one by David E. Kelley, one of the most popular and successful TV series creators alive? Well, he pitched the show and…

The networks passed. All of ’em.

Think about that — one of TV’s best couldn’t make a Wonder Woman show to meet the standards of any major network, which includes NBC — currently airing The Cape — and The CW, who is partially owned by Warner Bros., who stands to make a shit-ton of ancillary revenue based on any kind of Wonder Woman success. They all said no. That’s insane.

Clearly, as she stands, Wonder Woman is fundamentally broken. She’s an Amazon with an invisible flying jet, she’s a warrior who breaks bad guys’ necks but also loves the world so much she’s a Star Sapphire, she fights Greek gods but dresses like an American flag… nothing about her makes any sense. If DC really wants her to be part of the “trinity” with Superman and Batman, they need to really sit down and figure her out, or just stop trying. (Via Comic Book Resources)