Wizard Magazine Is Dead


?Wizard Entertainment shut down Wizard magazine today. I’ve heard some people say it’s just the print edition, Bleeding Cool says everyone on staff was fired, but all I know for sure is that if you want to buy an issue of Wizard, you no longer can. ToyFare magazine is currently safe, thank goodness. But god only knows what will happen from here.

I wasn’t collecting comics in the ’90s, so I’m not one to speak of Wizard‘s heyday, their massive popularity and influence, or their decline. As many problems as I had with the management during my time there, now that Wizard is gone, I’m just sad. I’m worried for the good people who still worked there (and still hopefully do).  And I will be forever grateful to the company to hiring me for ToyFare, giving me a chance with Anime Insider, and introducing me to some of the greatest nerds — and friends — I’ll ever know.

For all the shit Wizard got, I don’t think my writing has been influenced by anything more — that nerdy subjects could be worth of news coverage, critical thought, and a shit-ton of humor. That you could take things like comics more seriously than regular people, but less seriously than insane fanboys. There was a time when Wizard did that before and better than anybody, and I hope people remember that. At least today.