Bustin’ Makes Me Feel So Sexy


?This might appear to be mere artwork of a sexy Ghostbuster girl (Ghostbustress?) but in fact it’s the design for an actual statuette (ToyNewsI has pics of the unpainted prototype) due out in August from Kotobukiya as part of their Bishoujo line, the one that does the sexy-anime Marvel and DC superheroines. Anime nerds like myself might notice that the girl is supposed to Ghostbusters receptionist Janine, as processed through the sexy-anime-factory. Regular nerds also marginally like myself might feel that making Annie Potts’ not-especially-sexy character into an anime hottie wearing the sexily tattered remnants of a Ghostbusters uniform is inappropriate, to which I say HOLY FUCK IT’S A STATUE OF A SEXY ANIME GHOSTBUSTER YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP I’VE BEEN WAITING ALL MY LIFE FOR THIS THING AND I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT AAAARARRRGGGGH.