DC’s Flashpoint Figures Are the Most Interesting Part of Flashpoint So Far

DC kind of announced their next big storyline, Flashpoint, a week and a half ago. I didn’t report it, because it was so maddeningly vague as to be worthless — other than the assumption that it involves the Flash in some way (Flashpoint, after all), the only tidbit about it since then is that it sounds exactly like a parallel world story except DC swears it’s in the regular DCU. Thank god DC Direct is coming out with some figures or this would be even blander.


?Clockwise from upper-left, that’s the Flash, Batman, Cyborg and Wonder Woman. I have no idea what their deal is. I don’t know why Cyborg is cosplaying as Mega Man, I don’t know why Wonder Woman has a new outfit (I dig it — I mean, a knight outfit isn’t any less character inappropriate than her regular costume), I can’t even tell if there’s something different about the Flash (help? anyone?) and I don’t know why Batman has a red utility belt, although I genuinely worry that if Batman runs casinos he’s like some kind of Native American Bruce Wayne and a red utility belt is some kind of nod towards his heritage although surely — surely — DC isn’t that insane. Right?

…right? (Via Comics Alliance)