Just a Reminder that the Wonder Woman TV Series Could Be Unbelievably Awful

Yesterday, io9 posted an audition tape of Death Race 2‘s Tanit Phoenix auditioning for the role of Diana Prince in the Wonder Woman TV series. It was all about Diana examining Wonder Woman toys as CEO and complaining the breasts were too big, and wistfully wishing she had larger breasts. It was unspeakably awful, not just because it indicated that Wonder Woman had no secret identity, Iron Man/Tony Stark-style, and was in charge of a company that was making Wonder Woman toys.

Well, the good news is that the audition is by no means official;  Deadline and several other reputably Hollywood news sites went out of
their way to say that the recently cast Adrianne Palicki was the only
one who auditioned for the role. So there’s not way Tanit Phoenix did
the above audition in any official capacity. Second, if you search
YouTube for “Tanit Phoenix audition,” you get several videos of Phoenix
auditions, mostly under what I assume is Phoenix’s official YouTube
account (tanitphoenix1)… all shot in the same white room… from the
exact same angle… and released over several months. So… not real.

The bad news? Well, it’s that the content of the scene — about Wonder Woman wishing her tits were bigger — is part of the Wonder Woman TV script that’s floating around. Now, I’m not 100% sure the script is authentic, but a lot of folks think it is. I’m trying to remind myself like I said the other day that mass audiences need a new/modern/different/relatable version of WW than we’ve seen in the comics, but this? This might be a bit much. I want a Wonder Woman TV series. I don’t want Sex in the City with superpowers. Is that too much to ask? Probably.