Meet Your New Woman of Wonder


?Adrianne Palicki of Friday Night Lights fame has been cast as CEO/superheroine Diana Themyscira in David Kelley’s new Wonder Woman TV series.This will make the second DC character she’s played on TV; she was apparently Siren in the Aquaman pilot that went nowhere.

I wish I had some kind of take on this news, but I really don’t. I know nothing about Palicki other than she’s normally blonde, and that Friday Night Lights is a critically acclaimed show so it’s likely she has some decent acting chops. If you’re pissed about Wonder Woman being a part-time CEO… I get that, but it seems to be that Kelley is updating the ’70s Wonder Woman show more than any version of the comics character, and I’m fine with that. Certainly I don’t see the ’70s WW as any less valid a take as any of the other dozens of versions of Wonder Women from the comics. Honestly, the ’70s show was the character’s peak of cultural awareness, so if you step back and look at the issue as a non-nerd, this is probably the smartest move. At any rate, while I don’t know if mass audiences are ready for a Wonder Woman TV series, I feel confident that it’ll be easier for them to wrap their heads around a superheroine CEO than some kind of mythical Greek Amazon who dresses like a slutty version of the American flag. (Via Spinoff)