DVD Day: March 1st, 2011


?? ReBoot: The Definitive Mainframe Edition
There’s not a lot coming out this week DVD-wise, but I figure Shout Factory’s release of the complete ReBoot collection is more than reason enough to have a DVD Day anyways. This 9-disc Definitive Mainframe Edition has all four seasons of the show; a 20-page booklet including episode summaries, original airdates, fan art chosen by ReBoot‘s original production designer, and more; a 3-D lenticular postcard; and an exclusive bonus disc with a documentary on making ReBoot, a retrospective by series co-creator Gavin Blair, as well as animated character models. It’s $70, and the only place to get the complete collection is at Shout Factory at the link above. If you’re low on cash, Amazon has the Seasons 1 and 2 set here for $21. Oh, and hey — if you like ReBoot, you might want to make sure the check out the TR Contest this weekend…

? Daughters of Darkness
The lesbian vampire movie that’s not Vampyros Lesbos, now on Blu-ray.

? Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde
The 35th Anniversary Edition of this blaxsploitation Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde movie that I’d never heard of until about 20 minutes ago. Apparently, in this version Mr. Hyde is a white guy who’s also a hooker murderer. That’s kind of amazing, actually.

? Genshiken: Complete Collection
A anime series about anime nerds for anime nerds made by anime nerds. If you’re an anime nerd, you’ll likely enjoy it. If you’re not an anime nerd, it might well be the worst thing you’ve ever seen in your entire life. I do appreciate the Japanese Figma action figure packaging design, though.

?MST3K: Beginning of the End and The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies
As an enormous MST3K fan, I can’t believe I missed the release of these two individual episodes on DVD by Shout Factory last week. They’re were both previously released back in the Rhino day, but went out of print; now they’re back, this time with extras. The Beginning of the End is a wonderful episode, starring Peter Graves as a scientist and a lot of grasshoppers situated on postcards of city skylines to make them appear giant. It’s a personal favorite. The Incredibly Strange Creatures… man, it’s an MST classic, but it’s also one of the worst movies they ever riffed. Seriously, it makes Manos look kind of competent and even a little pleasant in comparison. Obviously, if you’re an MST3K fan, it’s a must-own. They’re both only available at Shout for $20 each at the links above.