Super Terrific Japanese Thing: SWITL

I’m pretty picky about my condiments. I enjoy most mustards and butter, but I think mayonnaise is gross and ketchup is the devil’s condiment. So I’m totally disgusted by this video for the SWITL, a device which seemingly picks up viscous fluids and puts them back down again with no muss or fuss, as demonstrated repeatedly with a vomit-inducing ketchup/mayo mixture. Obviously, cleaning up messes is always a good idea, but I’m not sure why it’s so important that you set the messes back down again — it seems kind of counter-productive. And while it works wonderfully on a smooth surface, I have to think something more malleable — like, say, a hamburger bun, which is probably the only thing I’d ever need ketchup and mayo removed from — would just get smooshed by the SWIT, rendering it useless.

All that said, I give this thing three months before it starts being used behind-the-scenes in the Japanese porn industry. You know why. Thanks to ZADL for the tip.