Street Fighter X Tekken Is Still a Thing That’s Happening

Coffee still processing. Thoughts in bulleted form.

? SFxT is the one where Tekken character play in the Street Fighter-style, meaning they don’t suck.
? Tekken X Street Fighter is the one made by Nacmo, where Street Fighter characters will play in Tekken-style, i.e. button-mashing shit.
? I have zero anticipation for this game, but Capcom sure can make a purty opening cinematic.
? Why the hell is Kazuya covered in oil? Did he get caught in the gulf spill? Where are the people that clean the ducks?
? What is all this “X” business about, anyways? What the hell is the problem with “Vs.”?
? Ryu kind of gets his ass kicked in this video, doesn’t he? I wonder if Capcom and Namco have a deal that specifically states they can’t have their characters kick too much ass in their own opening cinematics.
? Tekken sucks. That is all.