The Only Part of Priest You Need to See

A long time ago, we all agreed that there was no need for me to cover Priest, the extremely generic live-action movie based on the not all that unique Korean manwha. I apologize for breaking that code today, but I thought you’d want to know that Genndy Tartakovsky has animated a three-minute prologue to the film, and I guarantee it’s the only part of Priest that bears watching. Now, the story doesn’t make a lick of sense — if the Priests powers are killing vampires, why does the Church disband them? What are they afraid they’re going to do, kill more vampires? And why would “the people” ostracize the dudes who, you know, saved all of humanity?– but that’s more Priest‘s problem than Genndy’s. And besides, the dude still animates a hell of an action scene. (Via Blastr)