The Scene of the Batman Is In Your Mind

Behold, the fan-made trailer for “The Batman Complex,” which posits Batman is nothing more than a figment of a very thin and oddly Welsh Bruce Wayne’s imagination, planted there by Leonardo DiCaprio’s character from Inception… or something like that. Honestly, the video’s kind of a mess, but there’s enough smart lines taken from various movies, clever edits and great surprises amidst the chaos that I thought it was worth sharing. After DiCaprio says inception is possible, I’m not gonna lie, I peed myself a little. Which was fine, because I hadn’t changed my pants yet from when I peed myself watching the Call of the Dead trailer this morning. What? Oh, like you haven’t sat in urine-soaked pants for seven or so hours just because you were too lazy to walk to the bedroom and change them.

..huh? You haven’t? None of you have? Never mind then. Thanks to Chris S. for the tip.