About 5 Seconds of the New Green Lantern Cartoon

Okay. I admit that I’m a bit of a negative nelly in general, and I’m in a pretty shitty mood today in specific (count your lucky stars that it’s not Friday). Add to that the realization that this promo for Cartoon Network’s new CG Green Lantern cartoon is incredibly brief, too brief to make any kind of judgment about it, and the quality of the video is shit anyways, meaning it looks far worse here than it actually will when it premieres.

I know all this, god help me, and I still can’t help thinking this shit looks like Superman 64. I keep expecting Hal to fly through rings for eight minutes in a row. Hopefully some another preview will come out soon so we have have a better — by which I mean less shitty — look at this thing. (Via Newsarama)