Obvious TV News Trifecta: Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Torchwood


? Game of Thrones just got renewed for season 3. Since last I heard Storm of Swords was going to be split into two seasons — and that they were hoping to film both season back to back — this is mildly disappointing they didn’t greenlight both at once, but I’m reasonably sure it’ll be fine. The pic is via Arrested Westeros, by the way.

? The Walking Dead just made Lauren Cohan, a.k.a. Maggie, a regular for season 3. I’d say that’s good news for Glenn, but since the Governor is coming up, I imagine it’s probably not going to be good news at all. (Via Blastr)

? Apparently Starz is interested in another season of Torchwood, for some godforsaken reason, but is waiting on showrunner Russell T. Davies. Don’t hurry back on my account, RTD. Miracle Day killed all the affection I got from Children of Earth and then some. (Via Screenrant)