Ahoy, Mini-Mateys


?Looks like Diamond Select got into the good rum again, because they’ve just announced what I believe is the first original Mini-Mates toyline. It’s based on real-life pirate Captain John Rackham — a.k.a. “Calico Jack” — and his probably not based on real-life adventures with zombies and ghosts and shit. All I know is that it looks much more detailed than other Mini-Mates, and looks significantly more awesome than any of the Pirates of the Caribbean toys I’ve ever seen, too.


?There are ships on the way as well. If the block-head-skull doesn’t make you crack a smile, there might be something wrong with your skull. The toyline is a Toys “R” Us exclusive, and the figure two-packs are on sail now, with the ship setting sail (hyuk!) in July.