Pay-Pay-Pay, Cash-Cash-Cash! Kane Hodder 10″ Figurine up for Preorder


The only man to repeat the role of Jason Voorhees – and who would probably still be playing ol’ hockey head if they’d let him – is being honored with his own figurine by upstart toy company DeConte (rhymes with “picante”) , who previously made a Behind the Mask Leslie Vernon action figure that I never realized actually came out anywhere.

For a man of action, I feel like Hodder should really be immortalized in a more dynamic pose than “sitting in a chair” – what he brought to Jason that none of his successors have was a coiled-up intensity that made him look ready to strike even when standing still. Similarly, him showing off his lip tattoo would be cool (he has the word “KILL” permanently etched inside his mouth). But it’s not like Kane Hodder figurines come along every day, and you go on a kill-spree with the one you have, not the one you wish you had. $65 is a reasonable preorder price for what it is.