There May Be a Phoenix Wright Movie


?That’s not the big news, although a movie based on everyone’s favorite “Objection!”-screaming Nintendo DS lawyer is pretty big. No, the big news is that it appears that the Phoenix Wright movie will be directed by Takeshi Miike, the man behind Ichi the Killer, Audition, and Dead or Alive. Admittedly, Miike has directed many other more family friendly movies besides those incredibly violent. terrifying horror flicks, including Zebraman, Yatterman and something called Ninja Kids, but it still strikes me as somewhat insane. It would be like if a guy who had only directed movies about people eating alien vomit, zombie massacres and puppets sodomizing each other was somehow put in charge of… I don’t know, the Lords of the Rings trilogy. Crazy, right? (Via Anime News Network)