What the Hell Is McFarlane Toys Doing?

walking notdead.jpg

?McFarlane finally released official pics of the first series of their Walking Dead figures, i.e. the comic ones. It includes the Michonne and Officer Rick Grimes you see above, as well as a Zombie Lurker and a Zombie Roamer, both of which look like zombies and thus I’m not really bothering to show them (you can see them here at ToyNewsI, though). But I will talk about them, because something quite weird seems to be going on. Here are the official McFarlane Toys descriptions for both zombie figures:


To Rick’s group of survivors, there are two types of zombies. “Roamers”
are the ones that actively wander around, while “Lurkers” remain still
until disturbed by a living creature. Like a Lurker, this figure comes
with a gory surprise, just waiting for a human to get too close – this
zombie really has a problem keeping it together!


The only sure way to stop a zombie in The Walking Dead is to destroy its
brain – and this figure illustrates that important fact in gruesome
detail with exploding brain play action sure to both disgust and amaze!

Holy shit, are they talking about action features? Do the zombie figures have action features? Did McFarlane Toys just make a figure that does something other than stand there in one single pose? That’s fucked up. I mean, that’s what “exploding brain play action” has to mean, right? Unless it’s been so long that McFarlane made a toy that did anything that they’ve actually forgotten what “action” means in regards to action figures. I suppose that’s possible. Still, if not, a McFarlane toy with an action feature. Wow. If Duke Nukem Forever weren’t coming out next week and ensuring the end of the world already, I’d be kind of concerned.