DVD Day: July 19th, 2011


?? Doctor Who: Season 6, Part 1
Good season. Lot of fun moments. Hey, anyone else think it should be against the law for companies to release seasons in parts? Unless there are like 50+ episodes?

? Limitless
Bradley Cooper takes a pill that makes him smarter, stronger, better-looking and more charming. Because he had such a tough time of it before.

? Young Justice: Season 1, Vol. 1
And where the hell are the rest of the season one Young Justice episodes? DVD Day is making me grumpy today. Well, grumpier than usual.

? Tekken
See the trailer here. Weep wherever you want. Okay, admittedly, the Tekken movie’s hilarious wretchedness does cheer me up a little bit.

? Torchwood: The Complete UK Series
All three seasons, meaning two awful-to-mediocre seasons and the damned fine Children of Earth five-parter. At $100, it seems a bit pricy, but that’s the price you pay for John Barrowman, my friends.

? The Littles: The Complete Collection
Honestly, I am shocked — SHOCKED — that the fucking Littles DVD collection is selling significantly better than Guys Gone Wild: Canadian Bacon. This has forced me to reexamine a lot of things I thought I knew.