Harry Potter Fan Video Trifecta: Hogwarts: Which House Are You?, We R Slytherins, Potter Chan

On July 15th, Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows, Part 2 brings the saga of everybody’s favorite young wizard to a close. (Well, until J.K. Rowling inevitably writes another book that then gets made into another film). I know many of you are sad about this, and as such Topless Robot will end today’s broadcast day with three Harry Potter-themed videos that are as comforting as a hug from Molly Weasley. Starting things off is a video from The Second City Network that pokes fun at Hogwarts’ underwhelming Hufflepuff house. (I’ll leave it to you to debate whether Hufflepuffs are awesome, lame or merely average in the comments).
Continuing on with the Hogwarts theme is this parody of Ke$ha’s godawful “We R Who We R” from YouTube user Ginnyisaprincess –whom you may remember from her similarly-themed Ravenclaws spoof of Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” Thanks to Luke Gallagher from Nerd Bastards for the tip.
Ever wonder what the Harry Potter films would have been like if a young Jackie Chan took the lead role instead of Daniel Radcliffe? Me neither, but that doesn’t make this video from GakAttack any less entertaining.