It Is the Golden Age of Firefly-Themed Rap

Last week, I posted a dude who made a rap about the TV series Firefly. Today, the legendary Adam WarRock has come to me to announce that he’s made an entire album of Firefly-themed rap, which uses samples from the actual score and is due out in the fall, and also he hates me for posting the other Firefly-themed rap video, since before that there was pretty much zero Firefly-themed rap on the internet, and I’m the asshole who fucked it up by introducing his one Firefly-rap competitor into the nerdernets just days before he was ready to announce his album. It’s actually kind of funny, if you’re not Adam WarRock or have been threatened with murder by Adam WarRock. Still, it’s clearly a good time to be a Firefly-rap-loving nerd.