Yet Another Crisis on Infinite Reboots Trifecta

? When the new Green Lantern #1 ships in September, it will feature Sinestro in his Green Lantern uniform on the cover. This is apparently not a spoiler, because DC is sending the image everywhere and is also putting it on the front of their New 52 preview comic due out next week. So is Sinestro back with the Green Lanterns? Has he never left thanks to this wholly random reboot? Is it just a dumb cover meant to titillate with no basis in the comic’s story? I’d be surprised if DC even knew at this point. (Via DC’s Source)

? Speaking of DC not knowing things, the previously advertised cover for Wonder Woman #1, which featured WW wearing pants, has been altered for that New 52 cover so that Wondie is now wearing her star-spangled shorts. I like the pants, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over her bikini bottoms. What I do think is noteworthy is that it’s fucking July and the DCnU comes out in September and DC apparently still hasn’t decided what its doing, even with its flagship characters. This is probably not a good sign. (Via Robot 6)

? The one thing DC knows the people want? Jason Todd’s penis.


?This is the cover to Red Hood and the Outlaws #2, and if you look closely, you can see Jason Todd’s cock and balls drawn in complete, loving detail. There is absolutely zero chance of it being anything else — not a fold in his tights, not a seam, not a trick of the light. It’s just Jason Todd’s dick, engorged with the excitement of fighting crime. You know, I was worried that DC wasn’t really trying to bring in new readers with this reboot, but I stand corrected. I also highly recommend you check out Comic Alliance‘s gif commemorating the debut of Red Hood’s triumphant member. Much thanks to SlyDante for the tip.