“Huttball”? Are You @#$%ing Kidding Me?

My first thought when I heared about a game mode being included in Bioware’s Star Wars MMO The Old Republic called “Huttball,” my first reaction was “Really?” My second reaction was “They’re adding fucking Blitzball to Old Republic?” My third reaction, upon actually seeing the game mode being played in this video, was “Actually, that looks pretty fun.” My fourth reaction was “But ‘Huttball’ is still a really stupid name for it. It would be less grating if it were called something else. This is like if Scottish people invented something called ‘Scotball’ but only hired other nationalities to play it.” My fifth reaction was, “A lightsaber — a weapon for a more civilized age. Also, it’s a fine piece of sporting equipment.”

FYI, between my computer slowing down to a crawl and the earthquake that hit DC (and all over the place, apparently), things are a bit slow at TR HQ this afternoon. It was my and Topless Kitty’s first earthquake, so we’re both a bit freaked out. Let’s just say we both peed in terror, but only one of us made it to the litter box.