Nerdy Parody of Popular Hip Hop Songs Bifecta

Two things before we begin: 1) In case anyone thought I was even slightly cool, I’d never heard either of these songs before listening to these parodies. I mean, it’s not even that I’m not cool it’s that I’m only tangentially in touch with reality at this point. Sad, really. 2) It’s killing me that I don’t have a third nerdy parody of a popular hip hop song to make this a trifecta. Killing me.

Anyways, first up is Christopher Sanders’ ode to the Power Glove, set to Lil’ Wayne’s “How to Love” (I’m told). I like it because it really gets across how shitty the Power Glove is for actually playing games, despite our nostalgic affection for it what Fred Savage told us.

Next is Screen Team, these of the sexy Transformers/Black Eyes Peas parody with the busty Bumblebee and the Thor/Usher parody with the busty Sif. This is a Pok?mon-themed version of LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” starring the same duo (I meant the guy and the girl, jackasses). I’m not going to lie; of all the costume this lady has been in, and all the costumes she’s wearing just in this video, her as Jessie from Team Rocket is the one that’s carbonating my brain. Is that weird?