Square Enix’s Descent into Madness Continues

Let’s see. When we last left Square Enix, they were churning out one of more sequel to the not-at-all good Final Fantasy XIII, had turned the Dragon Quest series into an MMORPG on the Wii with a non-avoidable subscription fee, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts III were nowhere to be found. So what are they working on?

An FF music game called Theatrhythm. I actually don’t hate this; yes, it’s exceedingly wacky and cute, but if Square had a strong game line-up this would be a wonderful if esoteric addition. But they don’t, and I’m yet again baffled why they’re spending their time doing weird shit like this. Sadly, as is, it’s currently the game I’m most anticipating for SE by default. I mean, I don’t own a 3DS and have no plans of getting one. But if I had to purchase one Square Enix game coming out over the next year, I’d get Theatrhythm and then just throw it in a drawer somewhere.