There’s Going to Be a One Piece Dynasty Warriors Game


?Normally, I don’t like to run videogame news without a video of some kind. I mean, anyone can announce a game, but until we see what it looks like there’s no telling if it’s going to be good or not. I mean, I don’t even like running videogame screenshots, because you have to see a game in motion to be able to really know what it’s like.

That said, HOLY SHIT NAMCO BANDAI AND KOEI ARE MAKING A DYNASTY WARRIORS-STYLE ONE PIECE GAME AND THERE ARE NO VIDEOS OR SCREENSHOTS AND I DON’T CARE. Dynasty Warriors, of course, being the very popular series in Japan about legendary Chinese badasses fighting hundreds of warriors at once. Now, Koei’s made some anime-style DW-type games before — Fist of the North Star, which was actually terrible, and a few Gundam games, which I’m told were actually quite good. I hope to god this is more akin to the Gundam ones, and not FotNS (nor the countless Namco Bandai One Piece games where everyone’s wearing a goofy-ass outfit or something). Still, even if its mediocre it stands a decent chance to being my favorite videogame ever. I’ve never, ever been so thrilled to learn that my PlayStation 3 is not region-locked. Thanks to everyone for the tip. I’m going to be in my bunk for a while, giggling uncontrollably.