Movie News Trifecta: Dark Knight Rises, Ghost Rider 2, Transformers 4


?? Remember how the opening bit of The Dark Knight, the one where Joker and his goons rob the bank, was shown several months early in front of some movie? It’s happening again for Dark Knight Rises. There will be an 8-minute “prologue” to DKR shown in front of Mission: Impossible: 4: Ghost: Protocol::::: when it opens over Christmas. So I guess we’re all seeing that. (Via /Film)

? io9 has a clip of Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance from the Scream Awards. It’s pretty groovy, if only because GR’s skull head looks really goddamn creepy.

? Jason Statham denied that he was in talks to star in Transformers 4 and 5, which I totally expected. Earlier today Michael Bay also denied being in talks to direct Transformers 4 and 5, which I also expected. However, as we know, Michael Bay is an enormous fucking liar, so I think we can safely assume he is in talks, even if he hasn’t signed a contract just yet.