So There’s an Underworld Anime, Apparently?

IGN just released this trailer for three-part Underworld anime miniseries titled “Endless War,” which will be included on the upcoming Underworld trilogy Blu-ray release. This is notable to me for two reasons: 1) I had no idea this was happening, and this is the sort of thing I generally hear about; and 2) it looks terrible. Well, not terrible, just like the most generic anime ever made. If there was ever an excuse to go all-out with gratuitous boob jiggles, crotch shots and ridiculous violence, I’d think an Underworld anime would be it. You’re obviously not making a Ghibli film here, so you might as well play to the movies’ strengths, right? I mean, an anime version of Kate Beckinsale in a black leather catsuit should make men’s pants fly off comically. This anime Kate Beckinsale doesn’t even have a goddamned nose. What the hell? (Via Nerd Bastards)