Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Super Saiyan Hitler

Old-school Topless Roboteers — or at least Roboteers who hate themselves enough to sift through the FFF archives — may recall a certain fan fiction I ran back in 2008, titled “Until the End of Time,” starring Goku from Dragonball Z and Anne Frank from The Diary of Anne Frank. It was spectacular wrong and that’s even before Goku started fighting Hitler and Hitler turned Super Saiyan. I bring this up because alert reader Simon just sent me this image from a recently published manga…


?…of Super Saiyan Hitler. Wow.

This is not an official manga adaptation of the fan fic, thank god, as that would be a clear sign that all civilization should destroy itself and begin anew. Instead it’s from The Legend of Koizumi, the totally-fucking-insane manga of former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi as he plays mahjong against other world leaders, past and present, usually to save the world. It’s hard to describe precisely how insane it is, but this clip from the anime (previously run as its own STJT) of Koizumi playing against North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, during which he’s shot in the stomach — and keeps playing — is probably one of the series more low-key moments. Certainly Koizumi playing “Super Aryan Hitler” in mahjong will end up being the manga’s crowning achievement of batshit-whatthefuckery. Because I have no fucking clue where it could possibly go from there.