Terra Nova Is the Most Expensive Cheap Show on TV

I’ve failed to watch Fox’s humans-livin’-with-dinosaurs TV show Terra Nova for several reasons, but they basically boil down to two: 1) it looks dumb and 2) it sounds dumb. I mean, the whole premise — humanity flees shitty future earth for non-shitty prehistoric earth — is so rife with paradox I’ve not bothered to watch an episode to see if they actually explain it. As for it looking dumb, I know the show has a $20 million budget, but it still seemed cheap to me, you know?


Which is why the news that Terra Nova is using Nerf guns painted black ON THEIR $20 MILLION BUDGETED PRIMETIME TELEVISION SHOW cracks me right the fuck up. Look, I know those CG dinosaurs cost a pretty penny, but COME ON. Nerf? Really? Were they all out of Super Soakers on the day you went to Kay-Bee? Thanks to Brian C. for the tip.