The Resident Evil Movies Just Got Slightly Resident Evil-ier


?From Kotaku:

Milla Jovovich, in her role as wife of the director of lead publicist for the Resident Evil movie franchise, just confirmed that Leon Kennedy will make a live-action debut in the next RE film, where he will be played by something called Johann Urb.

You might remember Urb from films such as (adjusts glasses, reads from paper) “Eastwick, 2012, The Hottie and the Nottie, 1408, The Mountain, The Bank Job and Strictly Sexual.” That’s provided you remember those films.

So… what is this, the fifth Resident Evil movie? And we’re just now getting what is arguably the game series’ most popular character? I guess I appreciate the effort, but seriously, why even bother at this point? It’s almost a little insulting for them to bring in Leon when the movies are so far removed from the games, being set after the apocalypse and with dozens of magic Milla Jovovich’s running around (that happened, right? I can’t remember the last RE movie I saw). Man, if they call the next movie Code Veronica we’ll know they’re just trolling RE fans.