TR Contest: Further Adventures of the Goddamned Batman, Sponsored by FigureoftheDay.Com


?As you may have known — perhaps from the previous article — the Batman: Arkham City videogame comes out on Tuesday. I am greatly anticipating this, so much so that I actually managed to convince my boss to buy me the game so I could do a review (which I imagine will be up on Monday the 24th; it’s a big game, and I do have a day job, after all). But, the GroupOn/LivingSocial deal-a-day site for toys and collectibles, is excited too — so excited that they’re sponsoring this week’s contest, where they’re offering two winners one of Mattel’s Batman/Two-Face Arkham City two-packs, and one extra special winner the Batman: Arkham Asylum Black and White statue!

batman arkham contest.jpg

?Yes, the statue is on the left, and the toys are on the right, and yes, that means this contest will have three winners, although one of them will win more than the others. The statue is a $75 value, and the figures a $35 value, if you were wondering (I know you were).

The contest is this: Tell me about the further adventures of the goddamn Batman. Now, by this I mean the totally-fucking-insane even-for-Batman of Frank Miller’s All-Star Batman and Robin. The is the Batman who isn’t dark and brooding, but cackles madly to himself because he realizes it’s so totally awesome being Batman.  He also, as I might remind you…
? Calls Robin “retarded”
? Had sex with Black Canary on a filthy dock in the rain
? Painted an entire room yellow, as well as himself, to meet Green Lantern for the first time — which he did while he was drinking lemonade, just to be a dick

As I’ve said many times, The Goddamn Batman is a terrible Batman, but he’s still a vastly entertaining one. So you can come up with the titles of his adventures, so can tell me things you would think he would do, whatever. Three entries per person. Don’t make them too long, or at least make them incredibly entertaining if you do, because otherwise I’ll probably skip over them.

Winners will be chosen based mostly on how well they epitomize the insanity that is the Goddamn Batman. As I said, there will be one grand prize winner and two regular prize winners; the contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, October 17th. Obviously, many, many thanks to for sponsoring this weekend’s contest; if you’re a Bat-fan they have a great sale on a Joker statuette on sale today, and more goodies this weekend (one per day, natch). Please check ’em out! And have a great weekend! See you bats — er, cats — on Monday.