Well, Forget About Decent Hobbit Toys


?Warner Bros. has awarded The Hobbit action figure license to Bridge Direct. If you’re first response is “Who?” then you and I have something in common. I’d never even heard of Bridge Direct until this morning, and as I remind you (every chance I get) I worked at ToyFare and consider myself a pretty hardcore toy nerd. Anyways, I looked them up, and discovered their incredible toy pedigree, which includes:

? Zhu Zhu Pets
? Justin Bieber dolls

…and that’s pretty much it. They have no action figure line experience. Indeed, they have like five other brands, none of which I’ve ever heard of either (Shoulder Buddies? Bobby Jack? I’ve at least heard of Richard Scary’s Busytown, but I’ve never seen a single toy product for it). So basically, if you were looking forward to any toys from The Hobbit, you are almost certainly screwed, at least until both films are over and Bridge’s license expires so some other real toy company picks it up. Because Bridge has the rights to both Hobbit movies. Did I mention that? They do. Sigh. (Via ToyNewsI)