DC Nation Is the Best, Smartest Thing They’ve Done in Forever

Remember how DC announced they were going to have a little programming block on Cartoon Network called DC Nation? Well, here is what I believe is the first commercial for said block. Now, I know I give DC a lot of shit — for the record, I would give Marvel the same amount of shit if they’d do anything interesting — but I love the whole idea of DC Nation, which is probably the smartest thing DC has done to promote its characters and brand in years. What’s extra cool is that it’s not just their two shows, Green Lantern (which I haven’t watched yet, but many many people say is excellent) and Young Justice (which I do really enjoy), but a bunch of shorts including that live-action Blue Beetle, Plastic-Man (which I assume is that not-too-old Plastic-Man pilot), some other random things, and, most exciting to me, what is apparently a Tiny Titans short done in Teen Titans cartoon style. Frankly, I don’t see a single downside to DC Nation… other than the danger that it might make kids interested in DC comics, which as we know contains people cutting Joker’s face off, Starfire having emotionless casual sex and Catwoman raping Batman, and thus aren’t at all appropriate for kids. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen! (Via ToyNewsI)