Julie Taymor: Threat or Menace?!

Let’s break down the facts, shall we?
? Julie Taymor is hired to direct the Spider-Man musical.
? During its infinitely long preview performance time from November 2010 – April 2011, five actors are seriously injured, usually because of malfunctioning stunts. One actress actually quits.
? Eventually, Taymor is shitcanned this past April, and the musical is rewritten. It reopens in June, and has been running ever since without a single injury.
? Two days ago, on Wednesday, November 9th, Julie Taymor sues the production of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark for withholding pay and credit.
? Last night, the TOtD had its sixth actor injury. Matthew James Thomas, who plays Peter Parker on when Reeve Carney doesn’t, experienced a head injury serious enough to take him to the hospital for stitches.

julie taymor strikes again.jpg

?Does anyone not believe Julie Taymor is lurking around the Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark theater, half-cutting ropes and arranging sandbags to fall on performers? I mean, there’s simply no other reasonable explanation. And now I genuinely want a character named July Taylor to show up in the Marvel comics and become determined to ruin Spidey’s life. Maybe she can team up with J. Jonah Jameson or something. Come on, Marvel. Do not miss this opportunity. (Via Robot 6)