Oh, Bayformers: The Ride, You Make It Too Easy

Transformers: The Movie: the Ride is just about ready to open in Universal Studios Singapore, and one of the local news stations did this report on what getting to the ride will be like. I feel like it’s notable for two reasons:
1) That it could take up to 1.5 hours of waiting in line to actually get on Transformers: The Ride. The idea that anyone would wait up to 90 minutes for a ride based on Bayformers — unless they were some sort of war criminal, and this was their court-mandated punishment — depresses me to no end.
2) On the other hand, as the newslady is happy to point out, the walls surrounding the queue will be full of buttons to press and switches to flip, so that people can “entertain” themselves while waiting. By pressing buttons and hitting switches. Like developing infants do with toys like these:


?This seems incredibly appropriate for a Bayformers ride, actually. (Via /Film)