The First 6 Goofy-Ass Minutes of the CG Tekken Movie

There’s nothing that happens in this video of the first six minutes of Tekken: Blood Vengeance that makes any sense to me — not the fighting, not the voice acting, and certainly not the “plot,” such as it is — but since the live-action Tekken movie is very possibly the worst videogame movie adaptation of all time, I’ll put aside my normal Tekken hatred and let you Tekken fans enjoy this in peace. I will say, however, that I’m stunned and mildly bitter that Soul Calibur has never had a similar CG movie; I could ignore a lot of bad voice-acting if I could watch Taki and Ivy bouncing around (no pun). Oh, FYI, FFF is up next. Sorry for the mild delay. (Via Twitch)