The Blade Anime Tries to Ice Skate Uphill in January

Marvel’s recent anime series made little noise. X-Men, Wolverine, and Iron Man all aired on G4, and while there was nothing particularly awful about them, they didn’t catch on as well as Marvel and anime studio Madhouse so clearly wanted. Perhaps that’s because it’s no longer 2004 and kids are no longer wowed by the mere sight of the word “anime.” Whatever the cause, Marvel’s anime expedition isn’t through yet: the Blade anime hits G4 on January 13.

I must admit that I haven’t seen the Blade anime. The ghost of my anime-nerd days told me that I could peek at the Japanese airing, but I did the honorable thing and waited, partly because it was obviously coming to G4, and partly because…it looks boring.

But perhaps Madhouse is just being cautious. They made a mistake by crafting a spectacular Iron Man anime clip by Takeshi Koike, director of the eye-explodingly awesome Redline (also coming out in January). Then everyone complained when the actual Iron Man TV show didn’t look one-tenth as good. So maybe the Blade anime is better than the preview above suggests. For thing, the director also made the adorable Chi’s Sweet Home, so we might get a story arc about Blade training his new kitten to use the litter box.