Avengers Toys Means Minor Spoilers and Major Awesomeness

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?Two Avengers movie toys have been revealed at the UK Toy Fair, and while they aren’t totally shocking — and the pictures are really, really small — I’m going to put them after the jump just to be safe, because they are a little spoiler-y.

Behold, the Quinjet:


And more importantly, behold the fucking SHIELD Helicarrier:


The Quinjet is the Quinjet; I mean, it doesn’t particularly look like the Quinjet I remember from the comics, but it’s still a tiny jet and thus I’m fine with it. But the Helicarrier — goddamn. I don’t know what’s more exciting, the fact that this means the Helicarrier will probably be in the movie or the fact that the toy is 3-feet long with firing missiles. I can’t believe it exists, or will shortly. I haven’t had this kind of sexual reaction to a toy since… oh, two hours ago. (Via Marvelous News)