Cartoon Network Cartoon News Trifecta: Young Justice, Plastic-Man, ThunderCats

? CBR has a new clip of Young Justice in which Klarion the Witch Boy hands Young Justice their asses. I love Klarion the Witch Boy. I love the name “Klarion the Witch Boy.” I love Klarion the Witch Boy’s hair.

? Meanwhile, Nerdist has a clip of one of the Plastic-Man shorts from the DC Nation programming block. I enjoy Young Justice, and again, I’ve heard good things about the CG Green Lantern series, but I honestly think the best part of DC Nation is going to be these shorts, by a wide margin.

? Cartoon Network has announced that ThunderCats will be returning… they just won’t say when. I feel this, along with the total lack of new toys at Toy Fair, is A Very Bad Sign. (Via ToyNewsI)