Finally, San Diego Comic-Con Gets the Attention It Deserves

Few folks know of the obscure little event colloquially called SDCC — this west coast convention is attended by few, but those few are fervent supporters, and it’s always a special event for them. Documentary maker Morgan Spurlock has decided to take a look at this little-known convention and the people who attend it in his newest work Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope, produced by Joss Whedon and Stan Lee. And maybe this “Comic-Con” held in San Diego will finally get a little of the attention is deserves.

Yeah. Anyways. I invariably hate most nerd documentaries, because they invariably focus on “Holy shit these adults still like things we traditionally associate with children! Boy, aren’t they freaks?!”, and I find Spurlock hit or miss, but this trailer has me cautiously optimistic. I mean, the “freakiest” character here is “The Collector,” and he just wants a few SDCC toy exclusives — he’d be too normal to make the cut in most other nerd docs. The film will supposedly hit select theaters in April, and probably hit DVD shortly thereafter.