Geek Apparel of the Week: In the Land of Hyrule, The IT Crowd NES Game, Multipass


?? Yeah. I don’t even watch Adventure Time and I still thought this shirt was fantastic. It’s $10 at Tee Fury for the rest of the day. If you’re looking for something supercute but not Zelda or AT -related, I might suggest you check out Nowhere Bad’s equally adorable Star Wars tee.

it crowd nes shirt.jpg

?? If you’ve seen The IT Crowd, you know why this shirt is awesome. If you haven’t seen The IT Crowd, go see The IT Crowd. The shirt is $24 at Red Bubble; you can check out artist Tom Trager’s store for more IT Crowd designs and a lot more.


?? One day I’m going to stop posting We Love Fine’s ’80s fashion-style design shirts, but today is not that day. Here’s The Fifth Element‘s Leeloo looking outstanding; if they do Quorra from Tron: Legacy next, I may well lose my mind. HINT HINT. Anyways, the shirt is $25 here.