Marvel Would Like You to Forget About Watchmen 2 and Think About This Weird Picture of Spider-Man’s Logo, Maybe

When DC dropped the bomb that they were doing seven prequel miniseries to Watchmen, it was pretty much a given that they were going to dominate the comic newssites for the day. But not so fast, said Marvel! What if we see your highly controversial additions to to the best-selling Western graphic novel of all time, and raise you… this?


?If I may respond: Marvel, that is a picture of the Peter Parker Ultimate Spider-Man’s logo and the new Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man’s logo, just mushed together. So it looks like you’re bringing Ultimate Peter Parker back, which negates one of the most interesting things you’ve done in the past few years. Also, Miles only appeared in August of last year, and in the first four issues had not come close to actually dressing like Spider-Man, so you’d be letting him be Spider-Man for 6-8 months tops, which is genuinely sad. Also, resurrecting Ultimate Peter Parker, especially so quickly, continues to erode what made the Ultimate Universe special in the first place, and makes all future character deaths even less impactful than they were already going to be.

Also, no one’s surprised you’re doing this. So nice try, but we’re all going to get back to arguing about Before Watchmen again. Thanks to Dallas P. for the tip.