Now You Too Can Reach the Pac-Man Kill Screen Without the Agony of Being Billy Mitchell


?If you’ve seen the fantastic documentary King of Kong, you know two things: 1) Billy Mitchell rose to fame for being first person to have a perfect Pac-Man game and thus reach the legendary kill screen at level 256, and 2) Billy Mitchell is not a very pleasant person. But thanks to Jakks Pacific, you’ll soon be able to reach the Pac-Man kill screen on your own without insane classic gaming skills or being Billy Mitchell! According to TR contributor Adam Pawlus’ blog, Jakks will release a plug-n-play Pac-Man set which, besides having an obnoxious Pac-shaped controller, will allow players to start at level 255 and thus theoretically reach the kill screen in 256. I thought that was kind of cool. And then I realized after somebody played it once they’d really have no need to ever play it again, and thus it really wasn’t that cool. But then I’d already written this article and didn’t really want to write something else.

More importantly, apparently a CG Pac-Man cartoon is in the works for 2013? That seems… weird.