That’s So Raven (Just Not So Poe)

I have to admit, the more trailers for John Cusack’s The Raven that come out, and the more awful it looks, the more excited I am to see it. Not only is ol’ Edgar Allan going to be solving murders committed by an insane fan, and not only will the murderer be taunting him like all traditional crazed killers, but this new trailer indicates the (assuredly-less-than-mysterious) maniac will be kidnapping Poe’s gal pal (who will probably not be Poe’s 13-year-old cousin in the movie), and Poe will have to race against time to kill him to save her. It’s hitting every single action-suspense serial killer movie cliche, except it stars noted alcoholic/author Edgar Allen Poe instead of some kind of law enforcement officer who might be mildly competent at such a task. Really, the only way this film could get more sublimely ridiculous is if Poe actually starts dressing as a giant Raven and starts solving crimes that way, and I’m not 100% certain he won’t. Of course, they may be saving that for the sequel.