DVD Day: March 27th, 2012


?? Mystery Science Theater 3000 Vol. XXIII
Shout Factory failed to send me a copy (sob) but that’s certainly not going to keep me from talking way too much about this. Honestly, it’s probably the weakest of Shout’s assortments so far, but that’s mostly because they’ve packed all their previous sets with so many well-known MST classics. Volume XXIII contains: 1) King Dinosaur, which is a standard lost-island-inhabited-by-dinosaurs flick, and a standard second season MST episode, which still means it’s good. 2) The Castle of Fu Manchu, an incomprehensible mess of a movie starring Christopher Lee as Fu Manchu, which I think is one of the most unwatchable films they’ve ever done (see Joel and ‘Bots cries of anguish for evidence). 3) Code Name Diamond Head, a made-for-TV pilot that never went anywhere which is like Hawaii 5-0 but with spies, and stars a young Ian McShane; this is actually one of my favorite MST episodes because the riffing is top-notch. 4) Last of the Wild Horses is a goofily dumb Western, but the real draw is that this is MST‘s “Mirror, Mirror” episode, where a good-hearted Dr. Forrester and TV’s Frank actually sit in the theater and riff on the movie for a bit, while evil Mike and the ‘Bots torment them. It’s one of their best episodes, even if people don’t remember it because the movie isn’t Manos-level. I have a hard time imagining why someone would be on the fence regarding an MST DVD release, but one gem, one personal favorite, one solid episode and one nightmare-ish debacle from which even Joel and the ‘Bots can’t escape is well worth $35 to me.

? Eureka Season 4.5
Blah blah stupid SyFy half-season box sets blah blah Felicia Day guest stars blah blah SyFy cancels all the sci-fi blah.

? South Park: The Complete 15th Season

? Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjutzu
God help me I have nothing to say about this other than I like saying the word “spinjutzu.”

? Dragonheart
On Blu-ray.

? Catdog Season One, Part Two
Catdog… two parts? OH GOD PLEASE DON’T REMIND ME