George Lucas Forgives Simon Pegg, Apparently

One of the most vocal critics of the Star Wars prequels — and, not coincidentally, one of the original trilogy’s biggest celebrity fans — has always been Simon Pegg. He hates The Phantom Menace, and hasn’t been afraid to tell people, either in interviews or his biography, or in his work (specifically, I’m thinking of his delightful rant in Spaced season 2). Well, George Lucas either never heard about his distaste or he forgave him, because Pegg is about to join the Star Wars universe — he’ll be voicing bounty hunter and Johnny Cash-impersonator Dengar in a Clone Wars episode. Here’s a clip (with Dengar speaking!).

My first thought is, “Holy shit, so that’s what Dengar sounds like.” (What? He didn’t have any lines in Empire, and I’m a Star Wars nerd). My second thought is, “Goddammit, Pegg is now part of Star Wars and Star Trek, like George Takei.” My third thought is, “If George Lucas can forgive Simon Pegg, does that mean he could possibly forgive a sad nerd blogger like myself for all the shit I’ve given him over the years? Just in case it is, maybe I shouldn’t mention how goofy I find it that Asajj Ventress is apparently hanging out with Boba Fett and Dengar.” (Via IGN)