The British Are Coming (to Get Assassinated by a Dude with a Creed, Presumably)

Anyone care to see the first trailer for Assassin’s Creed III? I thought you might.

There are two things to note, as far as I’m concerned: 1) despite the fact this is just a CG movie, the jumping on trees does imply the unnamed assassin of the game will be climbing more than just ramshackle forts, which is cool. Actually, hunting British soldiers in the woods without being detected sounds very Metal Gear Solid 3 to me, in a good way. 2) And speaking of, that’s definitely British soldiers the assassin is assassinating here, so thoughts that George Washington and the other founding fathers who were supposedly Freemasons/Templars might be the enemy appear to be unfounded, as much as that would have been awesome. I can’t really fault Ubisoft for wanting to avoid the shitstorm they’d raise by having Americans be the bad guys — seriously, just think what Fox News would have done with it — but it’s going to be a shame if they missed this potentially awesome story opportunity to just to ensure U.S. sales. I’d love to say that we, as a people, were mature enough to handle a game where we tried to kill an evil George Washington, but I know that would be a lie. And Washington couldn’t tell lies. So it’s all just very awkward. Much thanks to Michael S. for the tip.